How are you spending your time?

This time of year I tend to take a look at how I have been spending my time, and then look to adjust it in the coming year.

There are 168 hrs in each week, and they seem to go so quickly. This past year (technically the very end of 2016) I turned 50. How in the world did that happen?

Because our time is limited I want to know if what I’m doing is lined up with what I truly value. Nope not always, it is frequently a work in progress.

The need for 7-8 hrs per day of sleep, depending on the season, in my case is very time consuming! But it seems necessary, if I don’t get it, the rest of the day is just not that great. 😴

Are you doing what you really want to with your time? Here’s to a 2018 where you do the things that make you shine (crow?)!

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