Availability-Sold Out for 2017

All chicks, whether they are hatched here or come from another hatchery, are vaccinated for Marek's Disease. We feed medicated feed, for coccidiosis,  until the birds are 8 wks old. We will be using this page to post what we have in stock for the week. It will be updated each Monday. If something sells out during the week it may not be posted until the following Monday. Feel free to call text or email for real time updates.


Chicks And Pullets

Hatched March 29th 

$25 Each

Easter Eggers-SOLD OUT

White Rocks-SOLD OUT

New Hampshire Reds-SOLD OUT

Black Sexlinks (Stars)-SOLD OUT


Hatched April 26th

$25 Each

Rhode Island Reds-SOLD OUT

Golden Comets-SOLD OUT

Buff Orpingtons-SOLD OUT

Easter Eggers-SOLD OUT



Hatching Eggs

Assorted Hatching Eggs-$2 each

Olive Egger Eggs (Blue Ameraucana Hen x Blk Copper Marans Rooster)-$5 each or $45 per dozen

Black Copper Marans Eggs-$5 each or $45 per dozen

Lavender Wyandotte Eggs-$5 each or $45 per dozen



Specialty Breeds

Black Copper Marans-  Straight Run.  $10 each. Sold

Lavender Wyandottes-Straight Run. $10 each. Sold

Olive Eggers-Straight Run.  $10 each. Sold