Self Blue Ameraucana by Anna Grapengeter

Our Story

Our love for chickens began when we brought home 8 chicks from my son's kindergarten class in 2002. The hobby grew and in 2008 Wildfire Farms came into being. Over the past 10 years we have brought more than 10,000 birds together with hundreds of backyard chicken keepers. In addition we've worked with teachers, home schoolers and science classes on hatching projects here in Colorado. 

2018 is our tenth year and we are changing things up a bit.  Gina has begun focusing on the breeding of Black Copper Marans, Ameraucanas and Wyandottes. These breeds will be available starting in February through as long as the girls continue to lay. Starting this year we will begin doing some shipments of chicks and possibly adding on hatching eggs at a later date. Both will be available for pick up on the farm. 

Our Bio

Gina and Eric have been married for over 21 years and have 2 kids; Aidan, 21 and Anna,18.  Gina grew up in San Diego and Eric in New Jersey.  At UCSD, where they met, Gina earned a degree in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, and Eric in Computer Science. Currently Gina is studying Naturopathy and running Wildfire Farms, and Eric is a software consultant.  Aidan, a local musician in the band Postcards, is out traveling the country this year involved in a project called 50 songs 50 states. Anna is a senior in high school, a blue belt in Kung Fu and an incredible artist. She is even known to do an occasional bird drawing. Together they share a 2.5 acre farm with the chickens.

Meet the Team

Wildfire Farms is run by a mother/daughter team. Gina usually stands around talking while Anna is in hot pursuit of some chicken or another for her customer.


Gina Grapengeter

Founder & CCO (Chief Chicken Officer)



The Mascot



Anna Grapengeter

Ninja Chicken Catcher